BUJICT Volume 8, Issue I, 2015

From Editor’s Desk


  1. “Enhancement of Colour Fundus Images by using Single and Multi-Scale Retinex“. [PDF]
  2. “Limitations of Service Oriented Architecture and its Combination with Cloud Computing“. [PDF]
  3. “Analysis of Query Processing and Optimization“. [PDF]
  4. “A Situational Requirement Engineering Model for an Agile Process“. [PDF]
  5. “GreenNet: Agent based Energy Load Prediction Techniques for Smart Grid“. [PDF]
  6. “Implementation of Improved Design of Costas Carrier Recovery Loop for Coherent Demodulation“. [PDF]
  7. “Voice Enabled Platform Independent System for Switching Among the Applications“. [PDF]
  8. “A Traffic Scheduler for Radio Resource Management of Long Term Evolution – Advanced (LTE-A)“. [PDF]
  9. “A Green Learning Model for Teaching Requirements Engineering Course“. [PDF]
  10. “Event Detection Using Wireless Sensor Networks“. [PDF]
  11. “Situation Based Framework for Testing Methods and Metrics“. [PDF]
  12. “Fuzzy Logic based Analysis of Livestock Sheds Atmosphere“. [PDF]
  13. “Dynamic Simulation of Solid Silicon Nanoneedle for Cell Surgery“. [PDF]
  14. “Issues and Implications of Scrum on Global Software Development“. [PDF]
  15. “Performance Evaluation of Link State Routing Protocol in an Enterprise Network“. [PDF]
  16. “Comparative Study of Top-Ranked Web Browsers“. [PDF]
  17. “Parallel Numerical Solution of Linear PDEs Using Implicit and Explicit Finite Difference Methods“. [PDF]
  18. “Analysis of Schemes to Improve Efficiency of Solar Cells“. [PDF]
  19. “Rebirth of Augmented Reality – Enhancing Reality via Smartphones“. [PDF]
  20. “Designing of a Communication System for Paramedic Application at 2.4 GHz“. [PDF]
  21. “Photonic Band Gap Materials-Theory, Techniques and Application“. [PDF]