Aims & Scope

BUJICT is a scholarly peer-reviewed international scientific journal published annually, focusing on theories, systems, methods, algorithms and applications in information and communications technologies.As ICT is an ever-growing area, articles on the following topics are invited but are not limited to:


  • Communication Systems and Techniques.
  •  Information Theory and Coding.
  • Wireless, Sensors, and Ad hoc Networks.
  •  Satellite Engineering and Technology.
  •  Digital Signal Processing.
  •  Image Processing & Recognition.
  •  Computer Networks.
  •  Distributed and Grid Computing.
  •  Databases.
  • Technologies and methodologies for advancing physical and cyber-security.
  •  Impacts of sensor data quality, accuracy, communications, and storage on applications.
  • Application of “Big Data” and advanced analytics to grid planning.
  • Development of models, algorithms, and analytical tools.
  • RF Circuit Design.



  •  Biometrics and Information Security.
  • Biomedical Engineering.
  • Control, Automation and Fuzzy Logic.
  •  Bioinformatics & Computational Biology.
  •  Sensing, communications and control.
  •  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.



  • Smart homes and buildings.
  • Embedded System on Chip.
  • Nano Technology.
  • Genetic Engineering and Algorithms.
  • Algorithms, Tools & Applications.
  • Operational experience with Micro-grid and Advanced technologies.
  • Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) platforms and applications.
  • Future grid operating systems.
  • Advanced technologies and methodologies for wide area operations and awareness.
  • Edge computing, control and analytics.
  • Smart controls and sensors in end-use devices.
  • Applications of cloud computing in electric power systems.
  • Smart Sensor-Based Networks and Applications.
  • Emerging practices for integrated Transmission and Distribution systems planning.
  • Technologies and methodologies addressing grid integration of distributed generation.